Useful tips

A trip to Dnepropetrovsk: a short-term visa is not required for citizens of EU countries, USA, Canada, Switzerland and Japan. There are direct flights to Dnepropetrovsk. Credit cards are not widely used in Ukraine, It’s is better to have cash. Money can be easily exchanged, but must take into account that the exchange offices do not work around the clock, this is better to do it in advance.

Where to live in Dnepropetrovsk? The town has a good selection of hotels. They approximate to European standards.

How to behave in Ukraine: in our country is not accepted when we first meet a person, to hug or kiss on the cheek. So you can scare your companion and your first impression on her will not be that good.

Kitchen: in Ukraine, Ukrainian cuisine dominates, but at the same time there are many cafes and restaurants that have menus with other cuisines of the world, as well as not a bad wine card.

Transport in Dnepropetrovsk: taxis are in every corner of the world, and our city is no exception. Taxis can be ordered through the service and caught on to the street, the  only different is the fare. It will be more convenient for you to order in advance.