Mail forwarding

If you want to write to the lady, you should register on our site. After that you need to deposit funds to your account, to activate it and get access to all the services provided.

All the letters that you send to ladies come to our special office e-mail with the name and number of the lady, your name and the number of the letter itself. So even if we have hundreds of letters, yours will never be lost.
   As soon as we receive a new letter, we try to get in contact with a lady. You should note that many ladies are working and they do not have much time to even come to our office that is why your letters may not always be replied right away. You also should know that we do not process letters on Sundays and holidays, so that may cause the delay in replies. First we process the letters that were received earlier and only then the later ones in order. That may also cause the delay in replies.
   Note: Never write a letter as a reply because such letter will not be delivered to the lady.