Full price list

Letter forwarding: $5
Translation of one letter up to 1800 symbols: $5
One attached photo is FREE (photos should be reduced. If you can't do it yourself- just send us the original one and we will resize it for you)

To receive a reply:
Email processing fee: $5
Translation of one letter up to 1800 symbols: $5
One photo from lady by email: FREE
If the lady refuses to communicate with you, your account will be refunded.

Ordering a  photosession for your Lady : $100-$250 (for additional info contact our custommer support)

Live Chat

  For those who feel that writing letters is not enough — we would like to introduce our new service — video chat. It gives you a lot more opportunities to get to know a person better . It is also a kind of a personal meeting, that helps to see a real person, smiles, movements, emotions...

   To arrange a video-conversation with your favorite woman, all you need to do is just to send us an email  to with her id and we will set up suitable time for both of you. The conversation will be held at our office through Skype or Yahoo systems.

Special prices:

20$ - up to 30min of chat
25$ - up to 30min of chat with translation (if needed)
30$ - from 35-60min of chat
40$ - from 35-60min of chat with translation (if needed)

Organization of a personal meeting $100 + $30/hour translator (if needed)

Special Offers and Discounts are for :

Organization of a personal meetings with 3 girls in one day : $250

Organization of personal meetings with 5 girls or 5 times with the same, within a month: $ 350

Organization of personal meetings with 10 girls or 10 times with the same, within a month: $ 600

What do we mean by Organizing a meeting: assistance in choosing and booking a table in a pleasing cafe or restaurant; to hold a meeting at the office of the agency; in the park, on the boat...

If required, provide translation services, musicians, photographer (extra charge).

For safety reasons couple accompanied by representative of the agency (free of charge) from the beginning and to the end of the meeting.

Each client of the agency (male or female) signs a contract, which confirms its seriousness; the contract forbids to ask gifts, money; offer or agree to sexual intercourse for money.

Rose Flowers  Roses of any color (you can specify) $ 7
Carnation Flowers  Carnations of different colors (you can specify) $ 4
Tulips Flowers Of any color $ 5

Lilies or



The most tender flower as a representation of your sincere feelings.

$ 8
Alstroemeria Bouquets Make smile your lady $ 40
My Miss Bouquets

6 branches bush roses, 10 orchids, gerberas 5 , 3 branches Santini, eustoma 5, 3

anthurium, greenery

Dreams Bouquets

Colorful chrysanthemum on the mysterious language of flowers speak about the endless

admiration and gratitude to your recipient!

Smile Bouquets This gentle and beautiful bouquet will be a wonderful compliment and a token for your favorite! $50
Beautiful girl Bouquets

5 roses, 4 branches camomile chrysanthemum, 8 carnations, gerbera, greens, basket,

decorative material

Perfume Gifts Delicacy, passion or romance enclosed in a bottle of her favorite perfume (we ask) $90
Champagne Gifts

A special drink for Princess - a bottle of fine champagne or sparkiling wine (Lady\'s choice)

Advice: the classic way to present champagne is with sweets or flowers

Golden Pendant Gifts Golden pendant for a long memory... $50

Golden Pendant with Diamonds

Gifts Luxurious jewellery for the best lady... $250
SPA relaxation Gifts spa procedur $50
Sweets Food A box of her favorite chocolate sweets $20


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