Flowers & gifts

Roses of any color (you can specify) $ 7

Carnations of different colors (you can specify) $ 4

Tulips $ 5

Lilies or Orchid Lilies of the various colors according to lady's choice $ 8

Alstroemeria $ 40 My Miss Bouquets 6 branches bush roses, 10 orchids, gerberas 5 , 3 branches Santini, eustoma 5, 3 anthurium, greenery $150

Dreams Bouquets Colorful chrysanthemum on the mysterious language of flowers speak about the endless admiration and gratitude to your recipient! $80

Smile Bouquets This gentle and beautiful bouquet will be a wonderful compliment and a token for your favorite! $50

Beautiful girl Bouquets 5 roses, 4 branches camomile chrysanthemum, 8 carnations, gerbera, greens, basket, decorative material $40

Perfume Gifts (we ask) $90 Champagne Gifts A special drink for Princess $20 Golden Pendant Gifts Golden pendant for a long memory... $50

Golden Pendant with Diamonds Gifts Luxurious jewellery for the favorite woman... $250

SPA relaxation Gifts Spa procedure $50

Sweets Food A box of chocolate sweets $20

For the information about other gifts please contact our manager at