1. How to make sure that a woman is not married?

Every girl, or woman who has decided to get married and asked our agency to accommodate their profiles, visit our office to have a passport which shows whether a person is married, divorced, widowed or never married. We can guarantee the truth of all that specified in the questionnaire: age, name, presence of children and marital status, as we have scans of their passports.

2. How often is the information provided by our lady is checked?

We have software that keeps track of how many letters she received and how many times the answered. All the girls are warned that it is necessary to answer all the letters, even if it is the rejection of correspondence. Responses to letters of men to girls are free. If a girl does not respond, we will contact and specifies the reason for this, and then we can remove her for a while, depending on the cause of her silence.

3. Can you purchase ladies phone number or email address? Or referred to it in the letter or their data?

We cannot invade the privacy of our customers. By this we do not cut out any information from your emails. Our agency can only give an advice on this matter, if you need it, we will gladly help you.

If you have any questions you can always contact us by e-mail: