About us

Our team of people is working to make everything possible for you to easily find a life partner. We are interested in your success creating a marriage.

We are small start-agency; we do not have large amounts of data in our database. But the quantity does not mean quality. We value every customer, both girls and men. We have the ability to pay attention to everyone. Our task is not only sending letters, organizing meetings and delivery of gifts, but also professional advice, training, assistance and answers to personal questions. Each of our employees is looking approach to each client, even the most fastidious.

"Corporationoflove" - is an brides agency of the marriage, so we can take customers from any country of the world, and are willing to help you in every possible way.

All the ladies that are in our catalog are living in Dnepropetrovsk or in nearby towns in the vicinity of the Dnepropetrovsk. With each girl, we are in constant communication, so if a girl suddenly changes plans, namely, she meets a young man here in Ukraine, her profile is removed from our catalog. The girl, who has decided to find a partner with our help comes to our office with , identification documents, copies are stored in our database. Thus, we guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the intentions of the girls in the questionnaire. Photos of all our girls are home from their personal archives; this is not a professional photo shoot, so the photos are close to reality, more natural.

We do not sell contact information of customers, because we want to protect them from possible risks. This can be possible only if you have the first meeting and the client has given permission to do so. Consider also the moment that the client may not know the English language, and if you do not know Russian, there is a problem in communication. Also, we warn you that the agency is not liable for any misunderstanding during your personal correspondence that goes beyond our approved and trained interpreters. We cannot help you with questions that go beyond the chapels of our agency. These include relationship problems, misunderstandings, delays in responses, or other incidents that may occur.

And so, it is not much information about us and our work, if after reading it you still have doubts or questions, you can send us an e-mail.

Best wishes, the site administration.